Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Call me old fashioned but I have yet to transfer to an electronic calendar/planner system. I still prefer my old paper wall calendar with all my important dates and appointments scribbled on it. To appease Jared, I did try (briefly) to keep my calendar on the computer in Outlook but I just didn't like it as well. However, what I am liking is this striking Stendig wall calendar I first saw on the Cookie Nesting Blog. I wouldn't scribble all my appointments on it but it would make for a nice decoration. (Available for purchase here.)

I'm also enjoying this little letterpress desk calendar from Paper Source.

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Preeces said...

I wish I had use for a calendar these days. Things are pretty quite round here. Hey, what kind of camera do you have, and what should I buy? Everytime I see your blog, I think, crap, she is so stinking good at taking pics. Wish I could be more like ya!