Friday, September 5, 2008

Three Weeks to Three Years

Wow, that went fast. My first baby boy is three years old today. He was born on Labor Day (ironically) in 2005, ten days past his due date. While he took his merry time arriving, we couldn't be happier with his relaxed, (usually) sweet demeanor and all the joy he brings into our home. Happy Birthday Mitchell!

(Jared is out of town today so we'll have a small celebration tomorrow. Pictures to come next week!)


katie c said...

happy birthday mitchell! i remember getting the phone call from jared of his birth. i was at the farm in ohio on labour day vacation. i was so excited i ran outside across the yard to the pond and told my folks. have fun celebrating this weekend!

Autumn said...

I forgot it was his bday and didn't realize he was born on Labor Day! That is too funny. I forgot about all of his hair!!! What a cute picture.