Monday, June 29, 2009

Moving Announcements

In an age of text messages and mass e-mails, unfortunately there seems to be a lack of pretty correspondence circulating the regular mail. Don't get me wrong. I embrace electronic communication whole-heartedly but there is something about opening the mailbox and seeing something handwritten or pretty among the boring bills and the grocery ads. I thought a moving announcement would be the perfect excuse to create something people would be excited to see in their mailbox. I developed the wording and the basic layout but I was having trouble with the illustration. Enter graphic designer Karisa Winkel* of Pretty Handsome Paper. She helped me execute my vision perfectly and was also a pleasure to work with! After I sent her some (very) rough drawings of what I had in mind, she created a PDF file with four announcements per page which I then printed onto card stock from my desktop printer. I glued a olive-y/lime green, textured card stock to the back of the announcement to give it a little more weight, cut them apart with my paper cutter and mailed them as postcards to save money on postage. Of course I spent too much time and money, but I say it was worth it. I also say two thumbs up for pretty correspondence!

*P.S. I don't know Karisa personally but several years ago I was fortunate to receive a beautiful wedding invitation she had designed. It was my first introduction to letterpress printing and I have loved her work (and letterpress) ever since. Although she specializes in wedding correspondence, she also gladly accepts smaller design jobs (like my moving announcement) and will also work within your budget. If you need a creative solution, I highly recommend!

Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm not sure there will ever be a need for me to wear a big bow around my neck, or even better, a big ruffley bow, but I sort of really want to. You can find these and other not-so-practical-but-oh-so-pretty accessories (including some amazing flower corsages) right here.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Waste Not, Want Not

Last week I made this skirt out of a bed sheet. (You'll notice the bottom hem is the top part of the sheet that you normally fold down.) I had been wanting to make a few things out of chambray and just hadn't made it to fabric store. I opened the linen closet and had an epiphany! The fitted sheet from the set was nearly worn to shreds but the flat sheet still looked great and was just the type/color of chambray I had been wanting to buy. I used a pattern I bought a couple of years ago (New Look #6594 , if you're interested.) with just a few modifications. Since the sheet is king size, I still have quite a bit of fabric leftover so I'm thinking a sun dress or a tunic top might be next on my list.

(P.S. I got the cute yellow sandals at Wal-mart! Only $10 and they have them in every fun color under the sun- hot pink, orange, lime green, metallic...)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Tribute to My Grandmother

In addition to my class reunion, I also had the opportunity to attend a memorial service for my Grandma who passed away about a month ago. She was in her eighties and had been battling cancer for quite some time. My uncle Bill made this lovely tribute video for her which I just love. I am not a very deep person but seeing my Grandma and Grandpa so young and happy makes me think a lot about life, it's richness, beauty and the people that come and go that make it that way. You can watch the tribute below if you feel so inclined.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Party Like It's 1999

Over the weekend I attended my 10 year high school class reunion. DJ "Star Traxx" (pictured below) kept the party kicking while I had fun catching up with all my good friends from high school (most of them actually go all the way back to preschool!) I also had fun catching up with the people I haven't kept in contact with. Like the guy who took me to my sophomore homecoming-who, I should also mention, had no idea who I was. Seriously. He acted like I was the 300 pound girl in high school who had lost 200 pounds. Come on. Really? I don't look that much different. Anyway, I had mixed feelings about going but I'm glad I did. Has it really been ten years since me and these punks graduated from high school? Humor me a quick walk down memory lane.
The gang THEN:
L to R: Rachelle, Travis, Rachel, Seth, Me, Kayne, Nicolette

The gang NOW:
L to R: (Front) Rachelle, Nicolette, Rachel, Me
(Back) Travis, Kayne

My date to the reunion- my younger brother Carl and I.
(Jared couldn't make it due to his rigorous study schedule. Carl is only two years younger than I am so he knows most of the people I went to school with.)

DJ Star Traxx:
(Random, I know. But this guy cracked me up.)

My senior prom date (Travis) and I THEN:


The End.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Porch swings, popsicles, bare feet, lightning bugs, the warm smell of rain, strawberries, sprinklers, long days, backyard BBQs, flip flops, fireworks, picnics, stargazing, sunshine, bike rides, night swimming, corn on the cob, first kisses, thunderstorms, watermelon, outdoor concerts, hammocks, drive-in movies, flash light tag, road trips and festivals.
Well hello there summer. So good to see you again.

(What are your favorite things about summer?)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Salt Water Sandals

It makes me happy to see Salt Water sandals making a comeback. (Maybe they never disappeared and I've just rediscovered them?) As a kid, I loved getting a new pair each year and wearing them until the soles were holey. These are a little pricey for my budget but if I had a little girl I'd probably be all over that darling red pair. Find them here.


I don't normally like pictures of myself, especially when Jared is behind the camera. (He takes a bunch of shots in rapid succession, like a sports or fashion photographer, and it makes me feel really dumb and awkward.) Anyway, he took this one of me around Mother's Day and I really like it. It was very windy (hence the crazy hair) and I was trying to avoid the whole picture-taking blitz so I was surprised that one actually turned out. (FYI: The other 40 or so shots were of me giving him dirty looks and swatting at the camera.)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Jared and Aubrey: Sneak Peek

I think I have tried to execute this shot at almost every wedding I have photographed with mediocre results. Who knew the key to success was a bride with ultra cute, hot pink shoes!?

(May was a busy month for me so I'm in the midst of editing two weddings and a couple of families. I should have a lot more images to share in the next few weeks!)

First Drawing

This is Mitchell's first recognizable drawing from 6 months or so ago. (I have been meaning to scan it for awhile and luckily it just resurfaced after our move.) An abstract piece which he aptly titled "Clothes in the Dryer." We may have a little Picasso on our hands. :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

I Have No Business Being on the Road

As I mentioned in my previous post, I hit a parked car going about 30-40 mph on Thursday night. I'm not sure what happened. I was in full auto pilot, watching the green light ahead of me, but NOT paying attention to the four cars in front of it that weren't moving. (Oops!) Everyone involved was physically okay, the only damage to me was to my ego. (Who hits a parked car in broad day light? I wasn't even talking on the phone. Just driving along and BOOM!) However, since I hit the girl in front of me going so fast, she hit the car in front of her, who then hit the car in front of him, who then hit the car in front of him! It was a complete domino and in the end there were three other cars involved. It was a mess and I'm glad it's over. The funny thing is, this is the first car I've ever owned that has been manufactured in the current decade and I've had to file not one but TWO insurance claims within the past month. I'm thinking I should stink to vehicles from the late 80s to mid-90s...I have had much better luck with those.

Friday, June 5, 2009

I Want

I don't normally do the whole giveaway thing but I really like this dress and I'm a big fan of Kathleen's blog, Grosgrain. Also, I wrecked my car yesterday (more on that later) so I'm looking for a serious pick me up.


Monday, June 1, 2009

Family Photos

This is my cute cousin Christy and her darling family. I took their pictures over Memorial Day weekend in Lakeside where they own a summer cottage. Anyway, this was one of my favorite shots. I love the color scheme she chose!