Thursday, September 11, 2008


I have a found a cure for the manic blogger! (Okay, not really.) I'm still getting the hang of it but it's called Twitter. Now I can write one sentence updates (I like short and sweet), for those little thoughts that may or may not need an entire post dedicated to them. Check out the widget on my sidebar that posts my recent "twitters." Here's to manic twittering!


Autumn said...

I just got an account earlier this week. I decided I had to find out about it myself first hand. (I had just listened to this podcast that gave some history behind it that made me do it.) BUT I'm afraid it might be another addiction. I admit I'm hesitant to (really) start!

Monica said...

I like the twitter. That is fun! Happy Birthday and I can't wait to see how your house project will turn out. Potty training advice- Make him naked! It really helps a lot! We just potty trained Jared and it happened lightening fast and I think it had a lot to do with letting him be naked a lot. Just a thought. Another idea- put him on the potty every 20 min. That also is something I have heard works well too! Good luck!

Melissa said...

Hooray for twitter. I added you- I'm melnye. I love it.