Friday, June 25, 2010

I Love Your Style: Ruth B.

I am so excited to introduce you to my friend Ruth. Ruth is a stay-at-home mom of four kids currently living in Farmington, New Mexico. I met her almost 4 years ago when we were both living in Columbus because Ruth is not only a mom but she also happens to be a really awesome hairstylist too. We met when I solicited her hair services and my hair (and I) still miss her desperately! What I love about Ruth's style is that she hasn't let becoming a mother destroy it. She does her hair, wears make-up, pretty earrings, cute shoes and looks really put together all of the time. She maintains a really stylish look by choosing figure flattering clothing that is also age and occupation appropriate. Also, aside from her spectacular style, Ruth is one of the most genuine, friendly and down to earth people I know. So, to sum this up, she is basically my hero and I will shamelessly admit that I want to be just like her when I grow up. With all that out of the way, here is what Ruth has to say about style:

How would you describe or define your current style? Defining my current style is tricky since I am now entering my 30's and am a mom of four children! I am in the process of finding out what my style is, taking classic pieces from my past and working them into what I term "mom style." It has to do with finding opportunities to break out the heels that I love and curling my hair section by section, then discovering that flats and a side pony tail can be pretty sassy for the park!

As a hair stylist, what trends do you see for hair in the near future? Oh, don't cringe, but the modern mullet is out there. Braids are big and lots of flowers and head bands for all of this long hair that we grew out and now need something to do with!

What inspires you and the way you dress? So many things. The seasons, magazines, American Idol, movies, people around me.

Do you have any fashion icons or people whose style you love? The first person to influence me as a fashion icon would have to be my Grandma Morris. That women has aged beautifully and gracefully and still knows what to wear in her 80's. She has always painted her nails, put on make-up, and cared about what shoes go with what outfit. She knows what colors look good on her and has jewelry to go with everything. She defines stylish.

What are some of your favorite places to shop? Let's see. Where I shop and my favorite places to shop are two different things right now! (Farmington is limited which is probably better for our budget anyway!) I like to pretend that I shop at Anthropologie and H&M and Macy's and Marshall's. (On-line shopping just doesn't work for me because I like to touch the fabrics and see the colors and try on stuff.) I do love TJ Maxx at the moment. Oh, and Shoes on A Shoestring!

Do you have any tips for the novice shopper? I AM a novice shopper, so I really can't give any tips. Knowing your body type and color scheme are good places to start because then you don't have to look at everything when shopping, you can go straight to what you know will look good on you. I have tried to weed the pieces out of my closet that don't seem quite right when I put them on. I don't even know what it is sometimes since I am such a novice at fashion, but you know those outfits that bug you the whole day when you wear them? Try just getting rid of the pants or the top so that you don't keep coming back to it like I do if it is in my closet!

Is there any one thing in your closet that you keep coming back to year after year? This question made me laugh because like I said, I will keep coming back to anything that is in my closet. Probably the most staple item for me is a white t-shirt. One with buttons down the front and one plain with cap sleeves or a v-neck.

What are some of your favorite outfits/combinations? Depends on the season, but right now it is certainly a skirt and t-shirt or a maxi-dress. It keeps me nice and cool in the heat and also makes me feel feminine. Nice because you can put on flats for day or wear a wedge for going out.

Are there any trends you are looking forward to? I am out of it when it comes to trends since I usually watch Go Diego Go and only go grocery shopping! I love the flowers with the feathers for hair and all types of cardigans though.

Can you share with us any recent favorite purchases? I did buy a lovely new white t-shirt (smile) and a grey flowing tank top with fabric flowers on it.

Anything you are planning/would like to purchase in the near future? More dresses and I am in desperate need of a pair of jean capris or shorts. Dark wash. Dreaming of this for a Sunday outfit. (I could wrangle the little ones in those shoes!)
I also want a summery pair of slacks. Something like this: (and notice the white shirt-Oh comfort!)

What advice would you give someone who is trying to find their own personal style or spruce up their current look? My friend Sarah Lunt has inspired me to believe that style comes from within and that anyone can be beautiful with just a few basic know-hows. The most basic is to be constantly improving yourself and looking for ways to help others. That brings happiness and peace which shows in ones face and is true beauty which leads to personal style. If you want to spruce up your current look, don't get overwhelmed thinking that you have nothing to wear, but start with a good pair of jeans and maybe one shirt that is your color and flattering for your body type. This may involve pulling out a tape measure to see what your body type is. But don't be scared or sad once you see those numbers! Be glad that now you can shop for things that will enhance your body type.
Oh, and make sure you shape your eyebrows and use an eyebrow pencil to lightly fill in because I am telling you, that will make ANY outfit look better!

I love your style Ruth! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Waiting Game

Onesies - check.
Receiving blankets - check.
Newborn diapers - check.
Hospital bag - check.
Two boys acting more ornery than usual - check.
Yep. It seems we've got everything in order.
Just waiting on the baby who could arrive any day now!

(I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that by next week there will be a another little person living in our house. So weird.)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Toy Story

Jared and I took the boys to see the new Toy Story movie Friday night. If you haven't seen it yet, go! Now! Kids or no kids. Truthfully, I think Jared and I liked it even more than the boys. Although, as I'm typing this, Spencer is jumping off the coach with his arms outstretched yelling "Buzz Wightyear...infinity and beyond!"

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Jared!

Two little boys who absolutely adore you and a wife who thinks you're pretty great too. :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Paper Straws

Memorial Day weekend has come and gone so that means summertime is officially here (hip, hip hooray!) If I wasn't a million months pregnant, I would love to plan a refreshing beverage party completely around these striped paper straws. (Maybe post-baby?) I have had them in my on-line shopping cart several times but haven't been able to pull the trigger!

(Image from here, more affordable paper straws for purchase here.)

Friday, June 11, 2010

In Good Company

Two more weeks until my due date-so I'm almost there! I seem to have forgotten how exhausting the last month of pregnancy can be! Seriously. I sort of want to sit down and put my feet up and/or take a nap all of the time. However, I am in good company because my good friend Nicole is due exactly three weeks after me and and is also having a girl!

(Nicole looks cute and stylish, as always, but you'll have to excuse my tired/sweaty/disheveled look. I had come straight from photographing an outdoor wedding on a very hot and muggy evening.)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Clean Kids

I love my kids but I think I really do love them a little more just after they've had a bath. :) I snapped these photos a few weeks ago right after they got out of the tub while they were sitting in our room enjoying a warm breeze coming through the window. Everything (including the evening light streaming in) seemed so clean and refreshing so I grabbed my camera in hopes to get a few good pictures of my clean kiddos.

(This is what I get when I tell Mitch to "look normal" or "act regular". He's not so cooperative when it comes to pictures. At least he didn't run and hide, which is what he normally does when he sees my camera!)