Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dainty Little Headband

Since our hubbies were out of town last Friday, my sister and I went out and painted the town red. (aka: dinner and shopping-here's the clincher: WITH NO KIDDOS!) Not only did we enjoy a quiet meal at the Cheesecake Factory but I also took my good old time in J.Crew taking in their new fall line filled with rich colors and flowery feminine details like this perfect little headband. {Find it on-line here.}


nessa said...

come and visit me.
1. because i want you to
2. there is a jcrew outlet less than five minutes from my house.

Autumn said...

How fun!! Did you also stop by Anthropolgie? They have (had?) the coolest window display. Not sure if its still there. I just recently saw an online shop with some fun headbands kind of similar. So cute.

kim said...

Autumn-We were actually at Polaris so no Anthropolgie for me.. :( They do have amazing window displays though. The most recent one I saw was all the books stacked into circles- awesome.

Vanessa, as if you weren't enough of a draw, a JCrew outlet minutes from your house is the icing on the cake!