Friday, September 26, 2008

Michigan Trip Part I

All packed and ready to go! We left Sunday evening and drove through Chicago (at about 2 am) and then up through Wisconsin. We made a few little stops in Wisconsin before we arrived at the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park (aka: The Porkies) in Michigan's Upper Peninsula Monday evening. We set up camp about 200 yards from Lake Superior-gorgeous! It felt like fall with daytime temps in the high 60s and nighttime temps dipping down into the 40s. The boys (and I!) fared extremely well and though it was a little chilly at night, the weather was otherwise perfect for our daytime hikes and for cozying up by the fire at night. Here's the first round of pictures from our time in the Porcupine Mountains although I'm not sure pictures do the amazing scenic views justice.

(Below: Lake of the Clouds-a breathtaking view!)

Tuesday night we rode our bikes to the beach at dusk. The lighting was gorgeous and the lake was beautiful. Mitch was having a blast near the water so I took a ton of pictures. I even managed to get a decent picture of the entire family-gotta love that self timer!


Autumn said...

yay! I've been waiting for these. I have so many favorites. What gorgeous scenery. I love the last pic with Mitch and the light, and the family shadow picture. How fun!!

Melissa said...

What a gorgeous vacation and spectacular pictures. You did a wonderful job. You made me want to go on a vacation- but I guess that doesn't take much persuading. So fun!

Emily said...

Those are some gorgeous pics. What a fun trip.

Andy and Jessica said...

Amazing pictures Kim!
Looks like you guys had a really great time.
Now I really want to go up in Northern MI. Michigan is such a beautiful place.