Sunday, June 21, 2009


Porch swings, popsicles, bare feet, lightning bugs, the warm smell of rain, strawberries, sprinklers, long days, backyard BBQs, flip flops, fireworks, picnics, stargazing, sunshine, bike rides, night swimming, corn on the cob, first kisses, thunderstorms, watermelon, outdoor concerts, hammocks, drive-in movies, flash light tag, road trips and festivals.
Well hello there summer. So good to see you again.

(What are your favorite things about summer?)


Mom said...

On top of all the things you mentioned plus... not having to wash and match socks for five kids for a good three months. Oh yea!!!!

Vanessa said...

My new favorite thing about summer....having my husband home for a couple of months and knowing that that will happen every summer for like 25 more years! I heart my teacher!

Steph & James said...

don't forget to come visit us in c-bus!!!

Here are some of my favs:

painted toesies, fresh squeezed lemonade, Ohio State Fair, Roller Coasters and bonfires