Friday, June 12, 2009

Jared and Aubrey: Sneak Peek

I think I have tried to execute this shot at almost every wedding I have photographed with mediocre results. Who knew the key to success was a bride with ultra cute, hot pink shoes!?

(May was a busy month for me so I'm in the midst of editing two weddings and a couple of families. I should have a lot more images to share in the next few weeks!)


Nicole Harris said...

Those shoes and bouquet make it! Love the fluidity of the bride leaning in for a kiss and the sneak of smile from the groom. Perfectly ensembled on that white bench---nice work!

Steph & James said...

Oh YOU! are the photographer! I know Aubrey pretty well, they're a cute couple aren't they?

Vanessa said...

This is a really great picture. I love the composition, and those pops of pink make it just perfect! (oh yeah, and the perfect photographer helps, too!)