Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thumb Sucker

Spencer has taken quite a liking to his thumb recently. I'm thinking I should try and nip it in the bud, but it's just so darn cute.

Spencer 7 months.


katie c said...

what a cutie. gotta love his ohio state t-shirt. :-)

Autumn said...

DARLING!!! I think thumb sucking is sooo cute. I was a thumb sucker for a long time...eventually I grew out of it.

sue said...

He's such a sweet little fellow. I think that thumb sucking is a natural and satisfying way for babies to be content. If you need to nip it in the bud, it would be sometime before he starts school.
Enjoy! Spencer.

Anne said...

I just love his eyes. Are they green? I can't believe he's growing up so fast. ANd I love the Buckeye shirt!