Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pink Dish Gloves

I am hosting a Pampered Chef party at my house this Saturday. A first for me because while I like to attend, hosting this type of party isn't normally my thing. But as a guest at a recent Pampered Chef party I decided that what IS my thing is supporting a woman who wants to stay at home with her children and work creatively around her full-time job as a mother to make a little sweet moolah on the side. Also, I don't know all the rules (being new at this and all) but I think there might be some free stuff involved for me and I'm all about supporting that too. So, while perusing the Pampered Chef web-site today, I came across these adorable pink rubber gloves:

Seriously, I think every gal ought to own a pair. Just think how cute you'll look cleaning the bathroom in these little polka dot pretties! What's even better, is that $1 from every sale goes to support the American Cancer Society's education and early detection program. So not only do you get to look cute cleaning the john, but you can also say you are directly responsible for funding breast cancer research. Cool, huh? And no pressure, but this post just wouldn't be complete without one more shameless sales pitch: If you want a pair, let me know! I'll have a bona fide consultant here on Saturday and would be happy to place an order for you.

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Anne said...

ooooh. I love pampered chef. My favorites? The microwave-able steamer and the juice pitcher (that has a handle that mashes the frozen juice concentrate!)