Friday, May 16, 2008

Double Bummer

I was sorely disappointed Jim didn't propose to Pam last night on the season finale of The Office. (Darn you Andy!) But I should've guessed the writers wouldn't make it that easy. Bummer.
Also, you know the store I blogged about yesterday, Paper Thread? Well, after several fruitless attempts to find their web-site I called the store. Can you believe they don't have one? I was floored. Seriously folks, no web-site? Double bummer.


Autumn said...

I totally forgot it was the one hour finale. I kept thinking -wow, this is pleasantly seeming to go on and on. :) I too was disappointed but of course they have to draw all of this out. I totally missed the first 4 minutes (Target). What happened? Why is Toby leaving?

That's just nuts that a company can survive without a website? I can't believe that!

Margo said...

Why did I not know that you were a fan. We love the office. I laugh so hard out loud during that show. I was very bumbed about the engagement thing. I hope she does not get discouraged. If the show does not have them finally hook up, I will be an unhappy fan.

Autumn said...

Do you know when the next season starts? I can't WAIT for more. (Though I'm still catching up on past seasons...I just checked out 3more DVDS this week!)

Julie said...

I was really disappointed, too. I am hoping Jim gets Ryan's job in NYC and he and Pam can go together.
Even with that disappointment, this was the best episode this season (and I loved this season). I think the one hour format is much better for the style of the show -- they just have more time to develop the humor in each situation.
Did you about flip out at Dwight and Angela? That proposal must've made her realize Dwight's her crazy soulmate!
And I loved Phyllis through the whole episode. Especially when she knocked Angela's stuff off her desk.

kim said...

Yes, despite the whole engagement thing, I was very pleased with the finale. I loved the whole new girl treating Kevin like he's "slow" (hilarious) and Michael's quote about Toby, "He's been cruisin for a bruisin'...I'm his cruise director and my name is Captain Bruisin'!" Loved it.

nessa said...

yes, last night's episode was great. except for the whole thing about jim not being able to propose to pam. but i did think it was well planned out that andy said he'd been carrying that ring around in his wallet forever waiting for the perfect moment to propose to someone. it was the perfect moment...jim thought so, too. bummer.
and i loved the new hr lady treating kevin like he was slow. that was classic. the funniest thing is that his character wasn't changed at all. i never realized before how 'slow' he really is!