Tuesday, May 20, 2008


About a year ago I saw a little girl wearing the cutest backpack. I made a mental note of the tag on the bag which read, Marimekko. I googled the name only to discover that Marimekko is a renown textile design company based in Finland. The company was established in 1951 so I'm sure this is not a new discovery to most. However, I do live under a sizable rock (in the Midwest, no less) so I'm not usually the first to hear about cool stuff. But, in case you live under an even bigger rock than I do and are just now hearing about Marimekko for the first time, you can see more stuff here and here.


Melissa said...

I LOVE Marimekko. My dad served his mission in Finland so I am well aware of this company. In fact my mom even bought us a few outfits from them for the babies. They were cute but I think their girly fabric is cuter.

Margo said...

Kirsi W loves this line. Have you noticed all the super cute things her daughter wears? I love the bright colors.

kim said...

Margo, its funny you mention Kirsi, it was actually her daughter's backpack that initiated my original interest!

suburban prep said...

i love Marimekko.
I was in Finland about three yrs ago and went to one ofthe stores in Helsinki and well I left with my wallet a few dollars lighter.
Oh but so worth the cost. I bought a pair of the wooden clogs that can't find any longer.