Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"It's On You"

"It" being any kind of bug but more especially one that flies and makes a buzzing noise. Three seemingly simple words that make me go from calm, to this:

Sheer pandemonium and high pitched screaming usually accompanied by running and wild flailing. This photo was taken just after I simultaneously heard a buzzing noise close to my ear and Jared utter those three horrifying words, "It's on you." Am I the only one who completely embarrasses myself anytime a bug gets close to me? Seriously, our neighbors must think I'm crazy. Because I am.


Sue said...

I think Lindsay identified correctly where this fear came from. It goes back to the cicadia eruption of 1982 or so when I came into the house with one of those 6 inch bug down my shirt--I may have traumatized you with the dance and scream in the kitchen to get my shirt off and the bug off of me. Lindsay remembers it. Sorry! I don't suppose it would help to tell you not to be afraid of bugs.
Anyway, I found this website for self help, conquer your fear of bugs. (I'm feelin' guilty about this.)
It's too bad your not be able to enjoy being outside when the weather is finally nice.


Thomas Family said...

Yes. That is me. I jump up and go running around the backyard until I'm sure "it" is not following me. Usually it's a bee. That reason alone, makes me want to get a fence in our backyard, I think our neighbors think I'm crazy.

Autumn said...

I don't exactly love bugs but I'm not really afraid of them. At least you look cute when those words are spoken. I love that picture.

Rachelle said...

The first thing I thought of was the summer of the cicadas ( i noticed your mom also commented in this area). I don't think I saw you more than 3-4x all summer. hiding out or dodging the buggers while running frantically from the house to the van.