Monday, May 12, 2008

I Love/Hate Letterpress

Okay, so I'm not getting married anytime soon and I'm not having another baby anytime soon. I should also mention that I would most likely have to sell the baby who's birth I was announcing to pay for these BUT that doesn't stop me from looking. Letterpress, why do you have to be so beautiful and desirable, yet so expensive and out of my reach? I love you and I hate you.
(For more lovely letterpress eye candy click on the Bella Figura link below.)

Bella Figura via Oh Happy Day.

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Sue said...

Are you familiar at all with the Cricut paper cutting machine? With all the stationary that you make and creative things you do with paper, you might really like one of those. They sell at Wal-mart for $184 but I saw an infomercial last night and they had them for $50.00. They are nice. I have seen one being used.