Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Top Ten

The Top Ten Signs Your Family is Ready for Spring

# 10: The economy size cannister of hot chocolate you bought at Sam's Club in October is empty and everyone is starting to panic.

#9: You can't remember the last time you showered or combed your hair. (Was it yesterday or the day before?)

#8: You check the weather forecast in warm places like Miami and San Diego compulsively and then cry afterward.

#7: You have seriously contemplated painting your bedroom yellow with hopes it will give you a tan.

#6: You've started threatening "old man winter" with bodily harm as if "he" were a real person.

#5: At the YMCA your kids stare blankly at the swimming pool and say in a confused voice, "Play? Water?"

#4: Your eyes feel like they're going to melt when exposed to natural sunlight.

#3: You say, "I want it to be spring." Your husband's response,"People in hell want ice water."

#2: You want to sell all your belongings and relocate your family to the beach where you plan to make a living selling snow cones and friendship braclets.


You can't say the word "winter" without using an expletive before it.

(And just for my of March 12, 2008, there are 8 days until the first official day of spring.)


Anne said...

last week I was feeling very sad for you guys in Ohio because you got that huge snowstorm, but now we're supposed to get some snow in Reno this weekend! Arghhh!! Anyway I'm sure it will be nothing like the drifts you've been getting...

nessa said...

word, sister.

Margo said...

You are hilarious. I am thinking that hope is around the corner. The sun is sure beautiful today.

Autumn said...

I thought of you a few times today Kim. A few signs spring is on its way-Easter egg candy, which has already been noticed by you and me both in form of Cadbury mini eggs (my first notice of them was at Aldi also). And patio furniture in the store today! And isn't today beautiful? Its coming, it really is coming!

Autumn said...

Oh, and funny-I've heard that same phrase from my husband a time or two. hmm

Andy & Jessica said...

So funny! March is such a hard month. Just playing the waiting game for warmer weather. I hope it will be here real soon or I better start making some friendship braclets.