Friday, March 28, 2008

My Camera

I've been experimenting with my camera (and picassa) a little bit lately. I am embarrassed to say that I have owned a really nice digital SLR camera for almost a year and I'm just now getting around to learning all it's functions. I bought it with hopes to start a little business taking baby and family pictures for other people- which I still intend to do. However, while I think I have a decent eye for taking pictures, I am not the greatest at taking the time to learn new things. Especially the inner workings of a camera. ("Why do I have to know about shutter speed?", "Can't it just magically do what I want it to do?", "Why to I have to read the manual?") Also, I think I have adult onset Attention Deficit Disorder because I have at least five other random business ideas in my head at all times and it seems impossible for me to narrow my focus to just one. However, I am bound and determined to take great pictures and make money doing it. With said money I want to buy some new lenses, indoor studio lighting, props/backgrounds and Photoshop. My hope is to have a little home studio set up eventually. But I'm really getting ahead of my self. First things first. I've got to read that darn camera manual!


Autumn said...

For a half a second, I thought that picture was of Jake. I think this might be one of the few pictures where I've mistakenly assumed that. For the most part, I don't see a strong resemblence between Jake and Jared's facial features. Maybe without the glasses it shows more? Maybe its just the profile view. Such a cute picture.

Seriously, Kim. Like you said, a lot of similar thoughts. I would love to talk to you about this. I can very much picture you having a photo business. For the last week I haven't been able to fall asleep because my mind's been going crazy thinking about business ideas. Not really photography (for now), but sometime when I think I have the patience to learn about light and other technical things-like shutter speed- this is on my list too.

About the camera manual. My thoughts EXACTLY. I'm not an instructions reader anyway. When we first got it I was excited, thinking this time I'd want to read the darn manual because its an actual interest, and something I use a lot. No, no its not. Instead, its still neatly tucked away in its file folder.

The good news is with a camera of course is I can learn by trial and error, which I've done somewhat, but I suppose some real instruction would help-a lot. You for sure have an awesome camera that you can do so much with. Even getting special lenses!! You have a great base that we don't....for the purposes that my mind is dreaming about.

I kept thinking of inviting you to go to the Rick Sammon thing, I don't know why I didn't. I learned a lot and I'm sure you would have loved it. The problem is, I lost my precious notes that I was scurrying to write that night. He talked about specific techniques, but you probably gathered that from his books.

And I love picasa for a free version of photo editing software. Love it.

kim said...

Diddo Autumn. Too many business ideas, too little focus! I can't focus! You seem to know your camera quite well though.
(About the Rick Sammon thing, I remember why you didn't invite me to go..Spencer was less than a week old at the time.) I did get one of his books from the library after you recommended him, but I never got around to reading it! (I blame it on having a new baby...maybe I need to check it out again :) )

Melissa said...

You can do anything- you are truly amazing and a Cougar alumni so that makes you have super powers. That picture is really cool. Someday I would like to have a nice camera but an easy to use one. I don't want to learn all that stuff either. But whatever you try, I know you will succeed.

Thomas Family said...

I used to work for a photographer for a while, and loved it!
I also took my sister and brother-in-law's engagement pictures, and they actually turned out really good! After that, I totally got the photography bug, and started thinking the same type of thing: buying some nice camera equipment, etc., and starting up a little business. Hasn't happened, but I think that would be a really fun business; and I can totally see you doing it! Good luck reading the manual, those things are boring!
:) court

Bethany said...

Can my kids be your first paying clients?

Margo said...

So I have been tossing the idea around of taking a photo class. I am with you on the whole manual thing. I think a class would be much more benifical for me than actual reading the manual. You definatly have an eye for a good picture. Sign me up after Bethany.

nessa said...

I hear you. i absolutely hate learning new things. And i like results. but i do not like the process that leads up to the results.
I am always impressed with your pictures. the picture that you took of sam at the bunny park last summer is my very favorite pic of him. you are definitely very talented without knowing your camera, you are going to be freaking awesome after you read the manual.