Friday, March 21, 2008

New Years Resolutions Revisited

The New Year is a time for renewal and resolutions. I am assuming most of you are like me when it comes to resolutions, you go pretty strong through January and then fizzle flat out in February. (Which I don't think is all bad. I mean, I just can't set high expectations for myself in February. Showering on a somewhat regular basis, resisting the urge to beat my head against a wall all day and eating several years worth of pumpkin crisp is pretty much all I can make time for. As you are all well aware, hating winter is a full time job around here. What I am trying to get at: I justify my resolution failure by counting February as a freebie month.) However, yesterday marked the first day of spring. Also a time of renewal and for me, a re-evaluation of the resolutions I set in January. So here goes:

Resolution: Host a dinner/party once a month.
Progress: January - no excuse, February- freebie, March- I'm counting Jared's birthday party and we had the missionaries over for the first time in over a year.
Plan: I'm making a list of party ideas for the upcoming months.

Resolution: Cook dinner at least 3 times per week.
Progress: I haven't really been counting. I set the bar pretty low at 3 meals per week so I think I'm doing okay here. Some weeks are better than others and there is still A LOT of room for improvement.
Plan: See if I can somehow trick Vanessa into cooking for my family in addition to her own. Okay for real, I need to hop on the meal planning train.

Resolution: Exercise 4 times per week.
Progress: January - going strong, February - freebie (and Mitch broke my favorite workout video), March - I'm doing better at making it to some classes at the YMCA and I have the replacement for my video on reserve at the library.
Plan: Follow a specific work out schedule and continue to pray for more pleasant weather. (I do a fair amount of walking when the weather is favorable...)

Resolution: Read one book per month.
Progress: January - The Art of the Handwritten Note, February - freebie, March - Better get on this. I'm not a big reader. I need to read the owners manual for my camera (that I'm embarrassed to admit I've owned for almost a year now) so maybe I'll count that?
Plan: Make a list of books to read. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Resolution: Floss everyday.
Progress: January - great, February - freebie, March - not doing so hot.
Plan: I don't know. Just start doing it I guess?

Resolution: Play tennis.
Progress: January/February/March: Freebies due to inclement weather.
Plan: Sign up for a class this summer through the Dublin rec.

So there you have it. What were some of your resolutions and how are you doing with them?


Thomas Family said...

Well, as far as books go, you can't go wrong with a Bronte or Austen. I read Jane Eyre, and then I just finished Wuthering Heights. And now I'm going to read "Middlemarch" by George Elliott. Those are all great. As far as resolutions go for me, I'm not very good at keeping them, so I make just one resolution. I've been running on my treadmill almost every night after Morgan goes to bed. And I've amazingly stuck to it! (for the most part).
Keep up the good work on flossing your teeth!
:) court

Anne said...

Flossing! It's the most tedious, time-consuming habit out there! That's great that you did it for even a month everyday. I won't tell you how often I floss mine. As for books, a good idea is to see a list of the Newbery/Caldecot medal books and read all of the good kid/teen classics. It makes for easy reading, but most of the books are short and interesting (my fave: Holes by Louis Sachar.) Also you can't go wrong with Jane Eyre (my fave book ever!!)

nessa said...

I don't make resolutions because of all of the guilt and justification involved. i don't like either of these things.
however, i don't mind if other people do, so, I will cheer you on.

As far as reading goes, maybe you should put that goodreads account of yours to good use.
I like the idea of the dinner parties each month. I think you should invite that vanessa girl that you were trying to bribe into cooking for you. i bet she'd bring food.

Autumn said...

Kim, I love the first paragraph. I hate admitting this, but the last few years I have intentionally not written down resolutions. This is a very bad thing. Even in primary days I was a new years write em down resolution girl. (Thanks to my Dad.) However, I think I upset myself in lack of follow through.

I do like your idea of freebie February. :) During both General Conferences I kind of do a self-evaluation-because I'm always motivated then.

You have MANY of the same goals I have. And can I just thank you for your meal goal?! For someone I admire a lot, it brings a lot of comfort knowing that you're not making a real meal every night. I think in my mental resolutions it was 3-4. I am improving, but have even more room for growth. I also wanted to have more people over more often and have gotten better at that. Working out? Well, that has plenty of room for improvement. Books? Kim, I had the SAME goal. Not doing so hot formally accomplishing it, but I'm a book grazer. I skim, read certain chapters, and read lots of magazines. I started a book in December-a very easy read-and still haven't finished it. Its ridiculous because in my mind I think I like to read...but don't do it near enough. Flossing. Well I picked that up again last week. No kidding. I decided if I were going to wear a retainer again, I really needed to get back on track again. In college I was a die hard flosser. I regret that its gone down hill...

Thanks for your refresher on goals. This just might motivate me to finish that book.

Melissa said...

Wow I am very very impressed with you resolutions- and I love the idea of freebie February. Since every years resolution consists of me trying to turn my body into a super model, I usually give up by February too- maybe I need to pick more specific ones like you- I really like your ideas too. And the party's once a month too- cool!