Monday, March 31, 2008

The Case of the Missing Pens

Although I seem to buy pens incessantly, within a matter weeks after buying said pens, my desk drawer looks like this:

I have a couple Exact-o knives (one of which is missing a blade), a paper clip, a seam ripper, a safety pin, a silver pen that doesn't work, a red pen that doesn't work, a handful of pencils that need sharpening, a pair of tweezers...a log, a frog, a dog, a poodle, a noodle, a doodle... BUT NOT A BLUE OR BLACK pen in sight! Where, I ask, do all my stinking pens go? I think I'm going to have to call Nancy Drew to crack this case. Does anyone else have this problem?


Thomas Family said...

I'd like to say that I DO have this problem, because I think most people do; but because I worked at a restaurant for 5 years, I'm pretty sure that I have a lifetime supply of pens. My problem is what to do with all of mine. Maybe I should send you half of mine, and that would fix both of our problems!
:) court

nessa said...

this is why i have this problem, too: they come in bags of like 50 pens, so i think that i don't have to watch over them because i have like 50. and i keep thinking this until i have 0 pens. i think if i bought only one pen, i would be able to hold onto it, because i would only have one.

Autumn said...

Are you kidding? This is an ever going problem in our home. I actually just bought a 4 pack last week-half price. Wahoo. But then I returned home and remembered that my friend gave me a set of 100 from some fair...I wish I hadn't opened the pack. Oh well. Never can have enough apparently. We also have the annoying carpenter pencils that you can't use regular pencils sharpeners with-and too many permanent markers. Jake always resorts to those. I've actually hid extra pens from Jake because I think he's the culprit.

Jason and Sarah Nelson said...

This is one of those things, along with missing socks from the dryer, that will always be an unsolved mystery. I mean really, these problems never go away. I especially like the phrase you took from "what about bob," classic.