Monday, February 18, 2008

Urban Date Night

Since Jared and I spend most of our time rockin' the suburbs, we decided to venture out for our date night on Friday. We were also kid-free for several hours so we opted for a restaurant on North High Street called "Mozarts: European Piano Bar and Bakery." We really liked it. There was no wait for a table. It was quiet and quaint. It wasn't expensive. The service was friendly and they had a bakery case full of all manner of deliciousness. I enjoyed a curried chicken salad sandwich and Jared had the restaraunt's specialty: chicken schnitzel on a homemade croissant.
For dessert we had this:
It was definately a nice break from the crowded, noisey chain restaraunts we normally go to. After dinner we headed to OSU campus to check out the Wexner Center for the Arts. We strolled through a couple galleries and even popped in on a hip-hop open mic night taking place. Interesting. All in all, it was a good evening. Full of lots of cultural activities you can't find in the 'burbs.


Autumn said...

AHHHHH! Can I just say that this EXACTLY EXACTLY EXACTLY the perfect date that I have wanted to do since residing in this city?!?!?! Well maybe not 100%. I don't know anything about the restaurant. BUT I've SO wanted to just go to the Short North and the Wexner Center. I've looked on their site too many times for different galleries. We've made it to the Short North once together..."together" including Ellie. Mm. Not what I had in mind. How fun! I better have a post of my own similar to this within the next year.

kim said...

You and Jake should definately go to the short north minus Ellie. Go for "Gallery Hop" when the weather is nice. (The first Saturday of every month.) I haven't been in a long while, but it's fun because the whole short north is bustling with "artsy" folk.

nessa said...

That sounds so fun, especially the part about the hip-hop open mic. and the cake.