Friday, February 15, 2008

A Note on Fabric Flowers

I love fabric flowers. I think they add a bit of girly spunk to any ordinary outfit. I like them so much that I even had one on my wedding dress. I think I would like to have flowers of all sorts so I could wear one all the time. Click here to make your own fabric flower like the one pictured above. (I just made mine with fabric scraps and a white button.) If you want something even easier, just buy a silk flower at any craft store and hot glue a pin onto the back. Wa-lah!
I also like the flowers seen here and here. (I think I'll make a flower belt like this.)


Margo said...

Love the flowers. I hope to see you wearing that fun flower soon. I love flowers hence I usually have a big one on Katelyns head.

Autumn said...

Those are so cute.

Jason and Sarah Nelson said...

I love the flower you were wearing last night at craft night. I was wondering if you had just bought the shirt that way or not. It is so cute!! And by the way, I added you to my list of blogger friends..... I agree that blogging is an addictive drug. I just can't get enough!