Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Amy Butler Design

So, although I have not yet purchased any of her fabric, I am a HUGE Amy Butler fan. While I love the design of her fabric, I also feel a special connection to her because she lives in Ohio. It's not like I know her personally just because we live in the same state but nonetheless, I think it is neat that her studio is just an hour from where I live. Also, I don't think most people consider Ohio to be a "cool" state. So, when given the opportunity (aka my blog) I like to point out that some "cool" things do come from Ohio. But, I digress...
I was perusing her site the other day and was excited to see she is coming out with a new collection of fabrics called Midwest Modern.

Here are some of my favorites:

I also like her Lotus Collection:


katie said...

i'd love a skirt in that orange polka-dot print. :-) straight to just above the knee.

Autumn said...

How fun. So are you going to make a cute quilt with her goodies anytime? Since you can now respone, I tag you to do the couples tag-IF you want and IF you want. I don't care at all if you don't participate. AH! Have I mentioned that I'm glad you're blogging?

nessa said...

i wonder how one gets in to that line of work...fabric designing. I think you should find out. and then get in to it.

Bethany said...

Okay I really like her fabrics too. Although I have yet to use them. The wheels are turning in mind just thinking of what project I could come up with.

Andy & Jessica said...

Yah!! You have a blog!! Congratulations :-)
I am so excited to see the topics you will have on your blog. You can just tell Jared that it is like a journal, well kind of.
I lOVE fabric, as one of my posts talked about. I really like Amy Butler's stuff. If only I knew that her headquarters were in Ohio, when I lived there. Just another reason to visit again.
Our you going to make anything with these fabrics, they are so cute?