Monday, February 25, 2008

Fun Sheets

I have been eyeing these fun lime polka dot sheets at Target for quite some time and now they are on sale for 50% off! Unfortunately they don't sell them in the size I need for my bed but that didn't stop me from buying a set. They were too cute and cheap to pass up! I might give them as a gift or I may just use the fabric for some other projects like a quilt, a slipcover or even an apron. In the meantime, I'm actually just enjoying them sitting on my counter all wrapped up and happy looking. (What is it about polka dots?)

(I should mention these are only on sale in the store, not on-line, if you are interested.)


nessa said...

If they are polka dots, i love them! and they are polka dots. so, i love them.

Thomas said...

I have that exact set from Target myself! I love them, they totally do not match my room, but I don't care, they're just so darn cute!

Renee said...

Call me a freak for responding almost 18 months after your original post, but did you know that they still have these sheets at Target? AND, they're on sale online now. ;)