Friday, August 29, 2008

The Perfect Tailgate

Now this is my idea of the perfect tailgate party although I'm sure Jared would prefer something a little less refined and more manly. :) But, regardless of whether you'll be tailgating this weekend, I hope you all enjoy cheering on your team of choice with the official start of college football season. (Go Bucks!)

{Photo styling by Paul Lowe via Frolic}


Shelley and Steve said...

So my in-laws are BIG USC fans and I see that Ohio is playing them next month... I may have to play the rebel and cheer for OS... just to irritate them... ;)
And I love you're tailgate party... but yeah I think my husband would be somewhere else... probably with yours!

Thomas Family said...

Ooh, that does look perfect. I'll try to be excited for USC for you this season, Kim; because I know you like them. But right now I'm focused on BYU. Nick and I are going to the University of Washington and BYU game next weekend. Go Cougs!

Autumn said...

Ah. Charming. So dainty.