Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Heather Bailey

Lots of pretty fabric and patterns in Heather Bailey's on-line store. I'm adding that cute little handbag with the fabric flower to my project list. Check out her blog, Hello My Name is Heather, for more colorful inspiration.


Melissa said...

a-freakin-dorable. I LOVE the little fabric rings and what a cute pin-cushion pear! Beats the average tomato. So cute.

Stephanie said...

Hey! When you start the bag w/ the flower project, will you PLEASE let me join you?? I am the anti-craft person, but LOVE this bag!!! please please please!!! -- Steph Woolf :)

kim said...

Whatever "anti-craft person" (aka Stephanie). I've seen your mad bulletin board skills. You don't have me fooled. And yes, if I ever get around to making the little hand bag, I will surely let you know. But only because you said please so many times. :)