Friday, March 18, 2011

Tell Tale Signs

Specimen #1, Fat robin perched in my yard:
Specimen #2, Forsythia on the brink of bloom:
Sepcimen #3, Rows of happy daffodils about to burst:
Sunday marks the first official day, my friends. And really, I couldn't be happier.


Carl & Rosemarie Brauning said...

:) I'm happy for you!

katie kate. said...

i love daffodils just as they're about to burst open. they're such a lovely happy flower. and forsythia is just gorgeous. happy spring!

jt said...

So interesting the way the seasons very in different regions- my forsythia has been ablaze for a couple of weeks, the same with my daffodils. Glad it's finally coming to you!

Hi! I'm Nancy. said...

hey kim! read this and then went on a walk with the toddler to the park. it FELT like spring and i asked myself, what makes spring for me? so i decided it was: being attacked by gnats and having to run away from them, not making my son wear a hat, and the sound of a basketball bouncing on the court, which is what me n ethan were doing! xx

Mom said...

You crack me up! Time to move to a warmer climate.