Thursday, April 14, 2011


As it turns out, the fat robin I mentioned in my previous post sat in my tree and mocked me while the forsythia shivered and the daffodils and I cried for the two weeks following that blessed first day of spring. It was cold, gray and rainy. Almost worse than February, if that is even possible. It snowed a little on April 1st! Mother Nature's cruel prank, I suppose, but I wasn't laughing. Spring has finally shown up the past several days (thankfully!) and here are a few pictures to prove it.

Caroline sporting dandelion earrings. (A gift from Mitchell):
Beautiful Magnolia trees in full bloom at the city building:Tree buds in my backyard:
Caroline and I enjoying some fresh air and sunshine at Austin's farm:
Caroline and Grandpa in matching outfits, coincidentally!


katie kate. said...

as always, you look great. and caroline is fattening up quite nicely. ;-) looks like a lovely time of year in ohio.

p.s. the sheep is awesome.

Melissa said...

That mother nature sure can be sneaky! At least you have a sweet smiling little girl to make the world feel brighter! You guys look so cute together!

Jake said...

She is SOOO cute!!! Love the dandelion pic.

Jake said...

(That was Autumn, but Jake would feel the same way.) :)

jt said...

Those pictures with the sheep are SO cute! So is the dandelion one. She's a doll.
Again, you should move to NC. The water's fine!

Mrs. Robinson said...

The rain and gray skies have been abundant here too. I think dear Mother Nature is a bit confused! Caroline is such a doll and those adorable little overalls just do me in! Here's to MANY sunny days ahead!