Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So far I'm doing really well with my resolution to read more books. I'm nearly finished with the top two in the picture and I have a small stack of others waiting in the wings. In the past, finding/making the time to read was somewhat problematic. However, since Jared is gone late studying most nights, I have a couple of hours to myself after the boys go to bed and I now find myself looking forward to cozying up with my cup of hot chocolate and a good book!


Rachelle said...

Way better than trying to find something decent to watch on TV (although I love thursday nights for good comedy!)

Pride and Prejudice is on my list for this winter. I'm working on The Stand by Stephen King...good but LONG!

hi! i'm katie. said...

good job kim! i've made a goal to read at least 6 books this year. right now i'm reading "the cider house rules." tough read, pretty grim, but excellent.

Autumn said...

I want to read 5000 year leap!! good for you.