Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another Taste of Spring

I'm not sure why I am even bothering to look at pretty clothes since the only thing in my fashion forecast is maternity-wear. Whatever. I still wish this is what I would be wearing when the snow melts and the temperature begins to rise. With that being said, I think it's about time I added a cute blazer to my wardrobe arsenal.

(P.S. 66 days until spring.)

(Image via Anthropologie.)


Nicole Harris said...

I hear this sister!! We are going on a mad closet flipping adventure post pregancy! even if they have to sit in our closets for a couple of months until our bellies and butts go back down. I can't wait to shop again.

O,I am blogging fiercly on another blog of mine: I am posting more things like what you have got going on here. I don't know why I think I need two blogs, but will verbalize this over lunch tomorrow ;)

hi! i'm katie. said...

oh kim dear, you must have a wonderful and cute blazer in your wardrobe arsenal--i love that phrase. check out a vintage shop for a snazzy blazer. and you know j.crew always has fantastic blazers. think jared would let you fly out here so i could help you find that perfect blazer? ;-)


hi! i'm katie. said...

p.s. just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you should stop bothering to look at pretty clothes. what a horrible thing to stop doing. life might as well end as i know it.

Stacey and Brody Miller said...

You're pregnant?!?! Congrats!