Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mitchell's Medley

Yesterday Mitch walked into the living room where I was standing and said, "Mom? Did you put those pants on all by yourself?" My reply, "Yes Mitch. I did." Then Mitch in a very firm voice says, "You're not going to wear those pants. RIGHT NOW!"

Apparently Mitch decided to recite back to me (in medley form) several phrases I say to him pretty frequently. Kind of scary.


Thomas Family said...

That's way funny. I could have an entire blog dedicated to the funny, interesting and sometimes a little scary, things that Morgan says everyday. Kids are awesome!

Melissa said...

Yes, Josh says things like this all the time. My favorite was a girl at the park who was yelling at her little sister- "I am VERY Disd-a-pointed in you!" I hope josh doesn't share the embarrassing things at the park.