Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We Have a New Backyard

We moved...to North Carolina! The day after Thanksgiving Jared and I said good-bye to the good old Buckeye State and drove south. We landed in North Carolina, sort of in the middle of nowhere but just for reference, about an hour south of Norfolk, Virginia and an hour and half inland from the Outer Banks. The past month has been hectic with our move, the holidays and Jared's new job happening all at once but we are slowly getting settled and feeling more at home every day. Here's to a fresh start and a sunny, mild winter (insert hallelujah chorus here) in 2012!

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Martha said...

Hi Kim! This is Martha, Jared's classmate from Marietta! I just read this and had no idea you moved. How exciting! I was just at Virginia Beach last weekend... my sister moved there and my mom and I rode along to help her. What city/town are you living in? Dave and I have friends that live in Wilson, NC!