Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 Highlights and Pictures

Highlights: a visit to Amish country, snow days and chubby legs in polka dot leggings

Highlights: color on gray winter days, bundling up for a walk in the sun, a Valentines' party and cut out cookies (let's be honest. the real highlight was when the month came to and end!)

Highlights: Signs of spring, Jared's birthday, a day that required sunglasses and Caroline sitting up

Highlights: Marietta in bloom, warm days spent at the park and Uncle Austin's farm, Easter Sunday and egg hunts

Highlights: Mother's Day, a pet turtle named Sparky and a lost tooth

Hightlights: Pool days, Jared and I's whirlwind trip to North Carolina, a canoe trip to Hocking Hills, a SafetyTown graduate and Caroline's first birthday

Highlights: fireworks, Jared's graduation, family visiting from out of town and celebrating 8 years of marital bliss

Highlights: A trip to Columbus including a stop at COSI, a day at Idlewild amusement park and Mitchell starting kindergarten at home.
Low lights: A babe with a broken arm

Highlights: A Labor Day trip to Lakeside, Mitchell's birthday, my birthday, homemade applesauce and a trip to visit Grandpa B. at the T-county fair

Highlights: Spencer's birthday, fall foilage, family portriats, tricks and treats
Lowlights: A weekend spent at Children's hospital with Caroline

Highlights: moving to North Carolina, visiting the beach

Highlights: warm weather, gingerbread houses, a ride on a firetruck and Christmas in striped jammies

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