Monday, May 10, 2010

I Love Your Style: Katie C

Meet Katie. The first suspect in my I Love Your Style series. Katie works as a recruiter/writer in the San Francisco Bay Area but also happens to be a long-time friend and style guru. We grew up in the same rural area of Ohio playing M.A.S.H. (mansion, apartment shack...) and slobbering over J.Crew catalogs together on Sunday afternoons. When I first thought of doing a series on style, Katie was the first person to pop into my head. The girl oozes style and what I love most about her style is that it is all her own. She's not afraid to break the mold or take risks when it comes to well, anything really, but her style is no exception- whether it be with her hairstyle, an accessory, a particular outfit or deciding to paint her finger nails neon orange. She's confident and gutsy and I think that is what true style is all about. So, enough of my babbling. Here is what she has to say on the subject of style:

How would you describe your current style? (Classic, vintage, etc?)
Both. There are parts of me that are very classic--I love my faux pearl stud earrings--and some that are very vintage--my grass green button-down-the-front knee length skirt rocks with a graphic tee tucked in. I love mixing the two-current pieces with vintage--and coming out somewhere in the middle. Seems I walk out of my apartment feeling like I'm walking into the 1970s at least 3 days a week.

How has your style evolved over time?
My style has done a complete 180 over the last 10 years. Ten years ago I was all about name brands and pointy shoes and blazers and heels and fitted tees and jeans. Now I'm into looser blouses, retro sweaters, textured materials, odd collars, funky dresses, flats and loads of colour, and fits I wouldn't have considered before, like the dolman sleeve. Ten years ago I rarely wore dresses. Now I'm in them regularly--even Saturday afternoons. I've also learned the art of not matching and making it work.

What inspires you and the way you dress?
Everything: the weather, people of no name, people of significant fame, movies, time periods, pictures in magazines, my maternal grandparents, my mother, my sister. I could continue...

Do you have any specific fashion icons or people whose style you love?
Yes! Even when I was young, I noticed the grand style of my maternal grandmother. She was always dressed and her hair was always perfectly coiffed. From her patent leather black heels to the cuff of her boiled wool bolero jacket, the woman was the meaning of the word, style. I saw it in photographs of her in her younger days too. Audrey Hepburn is a no-brainer (I love her in Funny Face in her ankle length black pants, black turtleneck, and black flats) and the entire cast of Charlie's Angels Season One.

What are some of your favorite places to shop?
I'm all over the board on this one! There are some local shops that I adore: Therapy, The Pretty Penny, Thriftown. And there are the mainstream retailers that I love: J.Crew, Gap, Anthropologie, ZARA, etc.

Do you have any tips for the novice shopper?
Be brave, shop around, and buy what's on sale. Avoid trendy items. Shop for you and what you like.

Is there any one thing in your closet you keep coming back to season after season?
My navy blue chucks, opaque black tights, my long tan cardigan, and a black and tan print pashmina from my sister-in-law. Oops, that was four items.

What are some of your favorite outfits/combinations?
Over the past few season I've come into a number of cardigans and I'm wearing them with everything. For example, I have a magenta silk dress that hits at my mid-calf that I wear my long tan cardigan over. I love my Transformers graphic tee tucked into my green button-down-the-front skirt. One of my recent favourite winter outfits is a magenta turtleneck (normal fit, not very tight) tucked into my orange-red wool vintage Givenchy Sport button-down-the-front skirt, navy tights, and open-toed putty coloured low heels with a couple layered necklaces.

Are there any trends you are looking forward to for spring?
Generally speaking, the loveliness of spring fashion is in the light and flowing fabrics. I feel the most feminine in spring clothes-ruffles, extra frills, delicate fabrics, colour, floral patterns. Lovely.

What advice would you give to someone who is trying to find/capture their own personal style?
I have three points of advice: (1) Don't try too hard. If you're wearing something that doesn't feel right because it's trendy, take it off. And, if you're wearing something that's vintage but you feel like a fraud trying to play the vintage game, take it off. If your perfect Saturday outfit is jeans and a t-shirt with your chucks, embrace it. Chances are someone out there is noticing your style. (2) You know the style rule of if you haven't worn it in a year toss it, right? Most of the time, the rule applies. But if there's a nagging in the back of your head fighting you against throwing that sweater out, listen to the nag and keep the sweater. Style--personal and what's trendy--changes every moment and you may find that sweater could be the perfect pieces you need for an outfit later down the road. (3) You determine what's in style for you. Trends in the fashion world shift faster than I can pull on tights and I believe that what's in style is what makes you feel good about yourself. The confidence you have in wearing it will show and capture the attention of others.

Thanks again Katie for letting me peek into your little world of style!
If you would like to see more of what inspires Katie, check out her blog:
Violet & Earnest.


Autumn said...

Fun! Great pictures and thoughts! ps, I loved playing MASH.

kpickles said...

That was a great interview! Thanks

Vanessa said...

I wish I could feel comfortable wearing a skirt any other day than Sunday, I just feel like some weird faker when I try it.

Stacey and Brody Miller said...

What a great idea. I love it, and she does have super cute style.