Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Love Your Style: Katie C (Update)

There were a couple of questions I forgot to include in my original feature on Katie so I'm updating here:

What have been a few of your most recent favorite purchases?

just two pairs of shoes and a killer pair of marble earrings. i picked up a pair of
keds and green espadrilles. so happy. truth be told, i'll probably pick up another pair of keds very soon. in a colour, i think. red, maybe.

Anything you plan on purchasing in the near future?

quite honestly, not too much right now. just [over-priced yet exquisite] swimwear.
Since i saw this swimsuit, i pictured how i'd wear it and what beach i'd walk around in it and what flavour of ice cream would best suit it. the gold fish belt is what captured my attention. and then the classic early-american style and navy--one of my favourite colours. so flattering.

i'm also pretty crazy about this swimsuit. the shape, the colours. gorgeous. i love maillots, the name of the style of swimwear; they're so flattering to a woman's body.

there's something so perfectly delicate and delightful about a one-piece swimsuit.


katie kate. said...

since purchasing, they've become my lucky earrings. :-)

thanks kim!

Dan and Shauna said...

I love love love that strapless swimsuit!