Monday, April 5, 2010

Holy House Makeover

I am a total sucker for before and after pics when it comes to home renovation projects. I just discovered this site, young house love, which documents a newlywed couple and the total renovation of their first little home. It's amazing! Go here for before and after shots room by room and a comprehensive list of all their sources. Also, my friend Vanessa has a serious knack for home re-dos. Go here and scroll down a little to see some of the before and after shots of her home.


Nicole Harris said...

kim, kim, kim, kim, why are we so much alike? i just told jonathan LAST NIGHT about this couple and their DIY savy new home and that i was particuarly floored by their majorly innovative Ikea wardrobes by the bed-- masking as a continuation of the curtains--freaking genius!!! I was so inspired by this couple that I already have plans to paint our porch beige(not the cool striped thing they did), but still. wierd.

Autumn said...

My friend led me to this blog per this EXACT post a while back. I printed it out-I love it. I'd love (for Jake) to do an improvisation in our bedroom for more make-shift closet space.

Joanna Gould said...

Hi Kim!

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