Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's a Miracle

And this folks, is a clear blue sky. I'm not sure when I saw one last. No wait, I am. It was February 8th (nearly a month ago) because I took a picture of it that day too. Unbelievable. I guess dreams really do come true. They do come true!

(I'm obviously not all the way there mentally by the time March rolls around but there are only 16 days until spring so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Bear with me.)


Nicole Harris said...

"Here comes the sun doo da do doo!"

I thought of you yesterday! Pretty soon we should get the kiddos out for a walk around town! :)

me. katie kate. said...

you live in the wrong state. i see skies like that all-year-long in the bay area when i'd rather be seeing the gray and gloom of ohio skies. ;-)

good luck on your move!

Thomas Family said...

being from Washington, I have to agree with you Kim, that IS exciting. We had one of those days today here too :)

Mom said...

One nice thing about living in Ohio, you don't take sunny days for granted!
I'm gonna order some up for next week. :)