Thursday, November 5, 2009

Twenty Nine

So my 29th birthday came and went quietly with little fanfare (which is the way I prefer it anyway.) I tried my best to accomplish all I had on my "28 things to do before I turn 29 list" and I was moderately successful, crossing off a little over half of my goals. I think having a list like this handy (I printed mine off and kept it on my desk) is a great way to remember all the little and big things you want to accomplish. I'm planning to continue to add to my list and maybe add some bigger goals to aim for before I hit the dirty thirty. Here is last year's list revisited:

1. Have a picnic
2. Go to a drive-in movie
3. Read a classic novel (Suggestions?)
4. Make a mobile
5. Volunteer
6. Reupholster the chair sitting in my garage
7. Buy a film camera and learn to use it
8. Make chocolate covered strawberries
9. Surprise Jared
10. Surprise myself
11. Learn the dance to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" (still in progress)
12. Grow my own herbs
13. Make a quilt
14. Star gaze
15. Take a Photoshop class
16. Host an outdoor dinner party
17. Start a collection
18. Visit a new city
19. Buy a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors
20. Attend a live music performance
21. Take back my spice cupboard
22. Ride in a convertible with the top down
23. Take my kids to Tuscora Park
24. Watch a classic movie
25. Take pictures with Jared in a photobooth
26. Eat at a restaurant I've never been to
27. Create a family photo wall
28. Eat breakfast in bed


Alison said...

Happy birthday, Kim!

Rachelle said...

not bad. not bad at all. i think moving may have interrupted creating a family photo wall, jared should've been in charge of breakfast in bed, and you've made several projects that hang from the ceiling which i think counts as a mobile =)

ps. i really loved the birthday card.

Thomas Family said...

happy 29th!

hi! i'm katie. said...

i'm impressed!

i agree with rachelle: you've made several projects that hang from the ceiling so you can cross mobile off your list.

as for classic books: if you haven't read pride and prejudice, do! or madame bovary. life of pi is good and i would consider it a classic.


Haily said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Kim!!
Novel Suggestion : read Great Expectations by Charles Dickens... Ish-Mom and I are in progress of reading it and we love it...

cindy said...

Happy belated birthday!
As for #3 read pride + prejudice.
You will not be disappointed.