Monday, July 13, 2009

Travel Itch

I have...

...splashed in the fountains of Rome (which is illegal, btw)
...qued at Wimbeldon

...walked through a palace made of corn
...smiled at the Mona Lisa

...dug Wall Drug
...jet skied in Barbados

...witnessed a mass ascension of hot air balloons

...slurped spaghetti in Italy
...left my heart in San Francisco (several times, actually)

...vomited over the side of a boat all day while Jared caught fish from the Atlantic
...cruised A1A Beachfront avenue

...haggled with the locals in Mexico
...wondered aimlessly through the alleys of Venice

...sat in the top of a working windmill

...touched the hand prints of Tom Cruise
...watched the sunset behind the Eiffel tower

...walked through the Gateway to the west
...sipped a Starbucks in Seattle
...camped on the shores of Lake Superior

...driven through the middle of nowhere
...tried my luck in Vegas
...window shopped on Rodeo Drive

...stood on the southernmost point in the continental U.S.A.

...been eaten alive by mosquitoes in the Everglades

...experienced the vastness of the Grand Canyon
...hugged a Palm Tree in Key West.

I have... a travel itch. Big time.
Any great and exotic yet attainable ideas?


Amelia said...

How about Nashville and Memphis? Grand Ole Opry, Beale Street, Elvis's house ... all kinds of stuff!

Rachelle said...

Jim and I are thinking about Maine next summer. Seafood and cute rocky coastal beaches.

But if you're looking for something sooner, I hear there's a fantastic event coming up in August in Maryland, "Weekend with the Weavers."

good times! hope you can make it.

Jen Hooge said...


Autumn said...

Attainable--hmm. I guess it depends how you define it. Sky diving!! I want to do that for my 29th bday. Fun pics!

Mom said...

How about a a beach front on the Sea of Cortez. Count me in on that one.

Vanessa said...

I hear Colorado is fabulous. :)
But seriously, come to Colorado.

weird again! my word verification is Inessie.
your blog is spooky.

Lindsay said...

Hilliard? You could get a Mountain Dew Slushy. How many people can say they've done that??

Thomas Family said...

I always recommend Victoria, BC. That's where Nick and I spent our Honeymoon. So much to do there! Plus it's close to me! so ya know....