Friday, July 17, 2009


We had some good old fashioned fun playing in the sprinkler last night. Definitely the best five dollars I've spent in awhile.


katie said...

i was just thinking the other night how i wanted to find a sprinkler to run through. that looks like so much fun.

Margo said...

Kim I always look so forward to updates on your blog. Let us know next time you are in town. We would love to see you...margo

Jim Lewis said...

Well, pardon me for crashing your blog. I was doing a google search for blogs that contained the word "sprinkler" - because that is my field. I am a contractor who installs sprinkler systems - and I happened upon this blog. But I just wanted to say that this is a nice reminder for me to stop and smell the roses once in a while. My summers are usually so busy working 12 or more hours a day and usually working on Saturdays too that I never take time to just PLAY in sprinklers with my kids. I am so busy installing them and running business that I never take time to have fun with the things I install - like Roses and Sprinklers.

Portland Sprinkler Repair Guy