Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Polaroid Party

I recently bought an older Polaroid camera on ebay and have been having fun shooting around my house with it all week. Looks like I'm just in time for the Polaroid party on Flickr too!


The Neeleys said...

Hello Kim! I just found your blog...cool photography and I love all your cool ideas-you are one creaive gal! Your kids are growing up and are so darling! Hey, I was looking for a contact number for Ruth. If you get a chance would you email me either her number or email address or something. stacieneeley@hotmail.com
Tell Jared we said Congrats! We are so excited for you guys.

katie. said...

i am in love with this series of photos. i think they may be my favourite of yours. where did you find the old polaroid? i'm aching for one.

The Butter Bunch said...

Only you can make photos taken with a polaroid look this good. I actually have an old polaroid I was just going to throw away. Let me know if you want another one. Hope all is well in Marietta.