Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crazy with a Capital "C"

(This post might get sort of long. If you have a short attention span, here is the abreviated version: we moved, I've basically been driving all over the state of Ohio while simulteaneously negotiating a real estate contract and it's making me grumpy. If you want to stop here, you've got the main idea.)

The move went well. I actually really liked the surprise element: no big build up, no long goodbyes and no time to worry about how in the world I was going to pack up all our belongings. It was nice. We just put our stuff on the truck and left. We arrived in Marietta at about midnight Wednesday and crashed on the floor of the home we are now renting. I spent Thursday unpacking with Spencer, while Jared and Mitch drove the moving truck back to Columbus. Here is the rundown of the past week. Stay with me if you can, this gets a little crazy:
Wednesday: We packed up the house in Columbus and drove to Marietta
Thursday and Friday were both spent in Marietta
Friday night: I drove back to Columbus
Saturday: I spent the entire day shooting a wedding in Columbus
Saturday night: I drove back to Marietta
Sunday: I went to church and took a much needed nap
Monday: I woke up at 2:00 AM to drive to Cincinnati for a dental seminar (note: Cincinnati is 4 hours away and you have to drive through Columbus to get to it.)
Monday night: Drove back from Cincinnati, through Columbus, arrived in Marietta and had a minor nervous breakdown.
It didn't help that all during this time, we were trying to negotiate the sale of our house with no internet access or fax machine- very tricky. But the good news is our house is finally in contract and today I didn't have to drive anywhere! I'm enjoying a little break from my driving tour of the state of Ohio but don't worry, it starts up again this weekend when we head up to Lake Erie to visit my family for Memorial Day! More on our house and our new town in another post...


Mom said...

That just wears me out reading about it. Hope you get settled quickly and tranquil waters resume.

Carl & Rosemarie Brauning said...

You're like super-woman!

Jessica said...

You MOVED! Wow, I guess that is what happen when I don't check up on your blog. Sounds like you have had a very busy week. Hopefully you can have some much needed down time. Good luck with everything!

Autumn said...

WOW! Quite the ride! I'm mostly amazed that you were able to move (mainly) in one day. So amazing. I'm so glad your house is sold!! That was relatively painless (for me anyway) for being in a big housing slump. Congrats!

mallory said...

I'm confused, did you take your nap on sunday in church or after? If you took it at church, I don't blame you one bit. I HATE driving around that much. I hope things become less stressful soon. take care.

Stacey and Brody Miller said...

My goodness you are an awesome woman. Columbus misses you already!