Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Land of Enchantment

I'm back from my trip to New Mexico. Aside from a cold, snowy day in Santa Fe, I'd say an enchanting time was had by all!

Welcome to Albuquerque! (The view from the airplane.)

My sister, my mom and I.

The prettiest Native American woman.

The prettiest Native American baby, er...rather, me exploiting my niece in the souvenir shop.

More souvenir shop exploitation...

Three lovely ladies...

A yodeling cowboy in Old Towne.

"Alfonso de Albuquerque" look-a-like.
(He was the founder of Albuquerque and we were at the Founders Day Festival. Go figure.)

The whole gang!

And finally, home sweet home.


Thomas Family said...

aah, looks like you had a blast!

Rita said...

Welcome home! Looked like tons of fun was had!! :D

Autumn said...

Fun fun! I totally wouldn't have noticed that that was Piper unless you said that! So neat that you met the founder of A!!

Jessica said...

great pictures, looks like you girls had a great time!

Anne said...

so glad you got a little vacay...look like fun!