Monday, October 6, 2008

MIchigan Trip: Part II

Sorry I'm dragging this out but I wanted to post the second part of our trip. We left the Porkies and headed to Pictured Rocks National Shore (along the northern coast of the U.P.). We had a late lunch at a local joint, quickly set up camp and jumped on the last "rock" cruise of the day around 4 P.M. Since we went near dusk, the late day sun made for beautiful light on the rocks. Although it was a little pricey, we decided the cruise was really the only great way to get an up close view of the shoreline. Totally worth it!

(Setting up camp. I loved camping right on the lake. I know I've already said this but Lake Superior is so blue and so beautiful.)

(Hot Chocolate and S'mores over the fire - Yum!)
Our next stop was Taquemenon Falls, the largest waterfall east of the Mississippi. We just stopped for a short hike to the falls and a picnic lunch before getting back into the car and heading to Mackinac.
Once in Mackinac, Jared and I quickly perused the state park campground before we mutually agreed that we weren't up for setting up/taking down our camping gear one more time. (It was cold and close to dark already.) Coincidentally, we stumbled across a charming little bed and breakfast that fit the bill perfectly! :) While I really did enjoy camping, the bed and breakfast was definitely a highlight of the trip! We enjoyed hot fudge brownie sundaes at bedtime, cable television, a king size bed, a fireplace and a balcony! After a yummy omelet breakfast, we boarded a ferry and spent our last day of vacation cruising around Mackinac Island on our bikes.

(Mackinac Bridge)

(Mackinac City Lighthouse)
(Our charming B&B)
Some quintessential Mackinac:

(There are no motor vehicles allowed on the island. Only bikes and horses. We brought our own bikes over on the ferry. It was much less expensive than renting them on the island.)

(The Grand Hotel: the world's largest summer hotel. Can you believe they charge $10 just to walk on the property? This is as close as we got...)
(This is the shuttle to the Grand Hotel. Neat-O!)

Soooo many fudge shops. Seriously, Mackinac has to be the fudge capital of the world. I'm not a huge fudge person but that didn't stop us from buying some! Also, we realized if you stand there and watch them make it long enough, they give you free samples!) All and all, a great vacation I would highly recommend to anyone! Now...where shall we go to next?!


Autumn said...

Fun fun! I saw some here that I didn't see on Sunday too-such a gorgeous place!!

nessa said...

looks like you guys had lots of fun! Camping on the beach sounds lovely. and lake looked beautiful. Would you say that it is 'superior' to other lakes?
i still don't understand how a person could not really be a 'fudge person'. I hear people say that and all i hear is 'blaa blaa blaa'. the words don't register with my brain.
and i know where you should go next!! colorado!!

Melissa said...

You guys have the best vacations- this seems like it was so fun! You got the best of both worlds- camping and a cute B&B. How fun. You took fabulous pictures as well. And fudge? How could you not be a fan after working at the bookstore- ok that is exactly how you can stop being a fan. Loved the details of the gorgeous trip- those pictures of the rocks on the boat trip are amazing.

Thomas Family said...

How fun! You got some amazing pictures.

Margo said...

I just adore all your pictures. Can you guys come on our next vacation and take amazing pictures of my family? You know how much I love Michigan and you really captured its beauty. We are trying to plan a trip up to Mackinac. I have great memories of riding bikes around the island. You know that "Somewhere in Time" is my all time favorite movie. Jarren considers that movie torture and pain to all men.