Thursday, April 17, 2008

Joel Dewberry

I am definately inspired by great design in any form, including pretty fabric. Unfortunately there just aren't enough hours in the day to put that inspiration to work! (Hence the reason I store it all here with hopes it will be put to good use at some future date.) Anyway, here's a great find from Design Mom I thought I'd pass along to all you fabric lovers out there. It's an "eclectic modern" collection of fabrics by designer Joel Dewberry. So pretty.

Cool random fact: He graduated from my alma mater, Brigham Young University. (Go Cougs!)


Autumn said...

I know this isn't what you were pointing out, but I love how the fabric's displayed on those racks. So pretty.

Melissa said...

That is so great? Who'd have thought a husband with 4 kids could do all that- and BYU- that is so so cool. It made me want to buy all of it and the fact that it is really pretty makes it even easier. Thanks for finding that!

Margo said...

I love this fabric. I just love the colors. What is it about a pretty combination of colors that just makes your heart get excited? How cool that he went to BYU.