Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I watched a really good documentary last night called Babies. There is no commentary, just film accompanied with music and it follows the first year of four babies from different parts of the world. Seriously, such a great little film! It was interesting to see the circumstances in which the babies came into the world and how different their surroundings are but I also enjoyed seeing the similarities in their development. (Even kids in Mongolia unravel the toilet paper!) All the babies were super cute but I'd have to say the little boy in Mongolia was my favorite. You can watch the trailer here and if you have Netflix, the movie is available on-line.


Kristen Maetzold said...

I remember seeing this trailer somewhere...maybe in the theater...not sure. I'll have to get it on Netflix...looks so interesting, and cute! Thanks Kim! Hope all is well!

katie kate. said...

thanks for this review, kim. i've been hesitant about this film but with your stamp and recommendation i think i'll give it a shot.