Wednesday, September 15, 2010


When it comes to big box stores, I'm definitely a Target kind of gal. (But really, who isn't?) However, since the closest Target is now two hours away from me (sniff, sniff), I've been doing more shopping at Wal-mart. On a visit last weekend, I found some random things I thought were worth sharing.

Black ballet flats. I tried on a pair in the store and was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they are. Although they have no arch support, they are made of cloth and have a bit of cushion which helps. Also, they come in a variety of colors including a dark chambray and black with white polka dots. Really, a great little shoe for under ten dollars.

Classic White dishware by Canopy. I have always preferred plain white dishes (they go with everything and I think food looks better without a pattern inferring.) I haven't purchased dishes since Jared and I were married so we are running a little low on bowls and plates. Not all white dishes are created equal, mind you, and not only do these feel nice and sturdy but the design is simple and classic. Love! (The on-line reviews basically confirm that these are the best dishes in the world so if you are in the market for new dishes, look no further!)

Timex Men's Classic Leather watch, $35. Although it is designed for men, I tried it on and there are enough holes in the band that it sizes down to fit my wrist nicely and it doesn't look too bulky. (I do like my watch to be a little on the large side though.) I also like the white stitching on the band. Wal-mart. Who knew?


Holly Wilcox said...

You are funny. Jared might just ban you from shopping if you find anymore things you like. J/K- I know you really think before you buy. :)
I bought my black flats at Target a few years ago for under $20. I think they still look great and I wear them practically every Sunday.

Rachelle said...

I'm glad little Caroline is letting you have some free time for blogging these days. I always enjoy your cute finds.

Melissa said...

Woo Hoo! Way to stick up for Walmart. My family HATES Walmart, but that was the only place to shop in Stillwater and I kept trying to tell them that it really isn't that bad. Of course I would prefer Target over Walmart, but I also would go bankrupt if I did that. I love great deals- thanks for letting me know about these!

katie kate. said...

posts like this is why i love your blog. great finds. great commentary. great style. you rock, girl.