Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Clean Kids

I love my kids but I think I really do love them a little more just after they've had a bath. :) I snapped these photos a few weeks ago right after they got out of the tub while they were sitting in our room enjoying a warm breeze coming through the window. Everything (including the evening light streaming in) seemed so clean and refreshing so I grabbed my camera in hopes to get a few good pictures of my clean kiddos.

(This is what I get when I tell Mitch to "look normal" or "act regular". He's not so cooperative when it comes to pictures. At least he didn't run and hide, which is what he normally does when he sees my camera!)


Nicole Harris said...

Kim-- these photos are so precious! I know what you mean about the absolute adorableness of your children right after a bath.

this was a poetic moment you captured: the clean sheets, the window breeze, they're happy and relaxed expressions. Isn't everyone totally content after a nice bath?

katie kate. said...

seriously, i've never seen boys more beautiful than these two. your kids are so stinkin' cute!

Sue said...

Love the pics. They evoked a scent memory for me of the clean after bath scent of freshly bathed kids.
I agree--it's oh so nice!

Thomas Family said...

cute :)

Autumn said...

So darling! I love Mitch's "normal" pose.