Friday, December 4, 2009

Making Merry

I got this simple but splendid idea from my friend Marnae to make some paper snowflakes with the boys yesterday. It was so fun. I know it sounds cheesy but I felt like a little kid again-getting really excited to unfold the paper and see the creation I'd made. It's also making me happy to watch them flutter around in my front window.

P.S. If you are looking for some fun holiday activities to do with your kids, my afore-mentioned friend, is sharing some great advent activity ideas on her blog all month long. Go check it out here.


hi! i'm katie. said...

cutting paper snowflakes is on my list of holiday fun. we used to make them as kids with my grandfather. yours are lovely!

Julie said...

Snowflakes, why didn't I think of snowflakes???!!! Thank goodness for you and Marnae.

We spent a good couple of hours this afternoon doing snowflakes and had a blast. I agree, I felt like a kid wondering what it would look like when I finished.

We made a huge snowflake mural on our big blank wall and I'm loving it!

Thanks for the great reminder.