Friday, August 14, 2009

Flea Market Weekend

Last weekend my friend Nicole introduced me to some new Marietta favorites: The River City Farmer's Market which was full of fresh flowers, crafts, baked goods and lots of fresh, local produce and Rinks, an old dept store turned flea market. I snagged these cute owl salt and pepper shakers at Rinks and since I was in the thrifting mood, I decided to take the boys up the highway to an outdoor flea market called Valley View Trade Days. The Trade Days had a little bit of everything from antique furniture and farm stuff to toy cars, guns and even puppies for sale. The boys loved the dealer with the metal Tonka trucks and the booth with a dune buggy and a mini four wheeler. In fact, they loved it so much that Spencer had a total melt down when it was time to take him off. Needless to say, we left shortly after but not before I snagged an old mirror that will be perfect for a chalkboard project I've had in mind for awhile. Score! I do love me some good flea market shopping.


Nicole Harris said...

Yay!! LOVE THE SHAKERS! So glad we are flea market/farmer's market shopping buddies! :)

Autumn said...

Fun! I've been wanting to go to a flea market forever-done some searches but nothing seems to stand out.

katie said...

my dear kimmy--

i love those s&p shakers! i have a thing for decorative owls. if you ever come across a similar pair may i be so bold as to ask you to grab them for me and i'll pay you back? i'd go crazy for them!