Thursday, November 20, 2008

Home Tour

I just enjoyed the home tour of the gal behind Hula Seventy (a great blog with lots of great pictures, by the way). You can check out the tour here. Also, I've decided that I want to become a collector. Of what? I'm not sure. Glass jars, vintage cake stands, letters (as seen above), aprons, children's books, pitchers and/or plates, perhaps. My globes are a start but I've noticed that people who refer to themselves as "collectors" tend to have really cozy, eclectic houses that are built over time and tell a more interesting story than "Yeah, I got this on sale at Target."

(Photographs via Hula Seventy.)


Vanessa said...

i loved that tour. what a cozy cute little house. And it seems so effortlessly put together...
yes, i want to be a collector, too, but i'm with you, what to to collect?? I've started on plates, and i collect harley davidson T-shirts, but that's not exactly a displayable collection...thanks for posting this, i loved it!- very inspiring

C. Warren said...

I love your rooms. I totaly want to be one of those people with the lovely eclectic homes featured in a magazine and I can't seem to figure out how people find the amazing things they do. I love your post on the topic.